Sunday, May 01, 2011

Bin laden is Dead

He is just one man, but some men matter more than others. Osama Bin laden is dead.

It took 10 years, but it is hard to go into hostile territory the size of California looking for one man when he's got plenty of friendly cover. Looking back on 10 years of conflict, Bin laden's way of doing things and his ideology has been a big failure. Jihad has seen its support decrease, Iraq had a choice between Islamofascism with jihadis in control & a republic with connections to Western ideas and they chose to work for the republic, Arab nations are expressing a desire for more freedoms, and Bin laden dies in a cave on the run. He hadn't even put out a taped message or video recently. The Al Qaeda power structure is looking more and more like a mob family. Sure there are sympathizers and cells, but what does it do for a cause to see its biggest name tracked down and killed like a dog? Time will tell what impact this has on the entire war on terror, and we can only hope it leads to greater peace and prosperity ahead.

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