Friday, April 15, 2011

Work, Being One of Them

We had a wave of departures:
1. retirement - happy, yeah!
2. new job elsewhere - happy, yeah!
3. VP lost a political battle - boo hiss!
4. Someone got let go as they are useless - meh.

It is sad to see anyone los their job, especially in this economic environment, but the termination was super emotional for her. She spoke to me for 10 mins then started crying. She has not had any good other opportunities as first interviews don't lead to call backs. It was uncomfortable, and I enjoyed working with her. I also was freaked out by her focus on the job giving her a sense of purpose and her exaggeration on work. I get work is important, but it should not give you a sense of purpose. You should find that elsewhere.

Seriously, work can pay the bills, it can be fun, it can give you a sense of pride, it can give you a lot of emotions or a sense of satisfaction, but a sense of purpose? Purpose, as I understood her use of it, is the reason to exist. I think she might be a little over the top as she is losing her job right now and has nothing lined up. I never want a job to be my purpose. To feel that way, I'd become one of them. I never want work to define my identity or why I get up in the morning. I won't become a zombie.

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