Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Brush With Nicotine Poisoning

After a month of sitting in my new cigar box, I managed to take out one of the nice, smooth Macanudos I bought for a nice night and smoked 80% of it in about 20 mins.

1. I forgot you should smoke cigars much slower than that
2. I am not a regular smoker
3. I am pretty sure I had a bout with nicotine poisoning.

I had almost all of the symptoms listed. I know that certain cigars can do this to me, as I had to lie down once when I smoked half of a Cuban I brought back from my honeymoon. I am not a smoker, and my biochemistry is sensitive to nicotine. I used to have cigars in college and randomly once I graduated. I was trying to wait for the first warm spring weekend night, and because I jumped the gun smoked it fast in the cold. Nicotine does give me a slight head rush, which I know from all 13 cigarettes I have ever smoked. Cigars can contain the nicotine equivalent of a half dozen cigarettes, and because your lips absorb nicotine very effectively, it hits you faster. Nicotine, like cocaine, caffeine, marijuana, etc., is a drug like any other.

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