Saturday, March 05, 2011

Training for a Triathlon

As an old high school athlete who doesn't do organized sports anymore, I've done a lot of gym work to stay in shape. I believe it is important for one's health to be fit, eat right and keep your stress levels down. Working out helps take away any stress as I internalize a lot. I ran a 5K race several years ago and did not train properly for it. Looking at race options, I did not want to go back to doing long mileage on the road and damage my legs and joints on hard pavement. I've been searching for something to compete in and most of all, to push myself. I'm going to train for a Triathlon.

Nope, not the crazy ironman, long distance triathlons, but I will train for a 'sprint' triathlon. The triathlon I looked up is made up of 3 parts shortened from normal triathlon lengths: swim 500 meters, bike 10 miles, run 3 miles. I have a life so I don't have the time or desire to train for a 3 part event that has a marathon tucked at the end. I am shooting for something that is different and will test me mentally and physically. The sprint distance also allows for training times that do not complicate my life as a new dad.

A beautiful thing about the internet is that there are wonderful resources online to help with triathlons. No longer does a person need to know someone already in the system or buy books. I have found a website that offers training program designing, an online training journal and other articles on completing a triathlon. I've even started a light program to get me geared up for this. My gym has bike machines and treadmills so I can't use the weather as an excuse. I even did a bike then immediately run session last night to simulate the actual event. My problem is finding a pool. There isn't one at my gym. There is one at another gym, but I do not know if they have pool access only memberships. I need to do that in the next few weeks. Even if I don't get the pool access now, I can do the biking and running and set up a pool membership for next spring and summer's races. Like art, some things are about the journey not the destination.

UPDATE: That other gym cut a deal with me for a 6 month membership of pool only. No excuses now.

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