Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Prostitots - Who to blame?

Prostitots is a word I picked up from a funny football website guru that I exchange emails with from time to time. This word sprung to life after several trips to a city mall in Philly where he was swarmed literally by packs of 11-14 year old girls wearing skimpy clothing and lots of make up. I have been running with this word ever since I heard it. It is in any mall in any area. Some areas have more than other, but it is a nationwide phenomenom. How did this happen? When did this behavior that was always present in 'those girls' go mainstream?

One Wall St Journal op-ed dared to lay blame at the moms' feet. Salon got out a horse from the stable to defend moms (and slutty dressed tweens) because no one should ever be criticized. One survey showed teens are having less sex nowadays (I'd add Internet Porn to a reason the blogger lists for less teen sex). There is definitely something disturbing about pre-teens and teens tarting it up, and this is something both parents (mom and dad) have a responsibility to handle. While Salon does have a point that dressing slutty doesn't automatically lead to regret, but at 11-14, a young girl might have the physical tools or know how the basic process goes from a class or a talk with mom and dad, but that does not mean she is mentally ready to handle sex with most likely a slightly older, horny 15-16 year old who has been rejected by girls his age and needs some release. Why can't people let kids be kids? The dress and shotgun blast of makeup will attract many young men. That attention sometimes comes with activity. Why are parents setting their 11-14 year old daughters up for situations that they might not be ready mentally or emotionally for? This has gone mainstream when we know early sexual activity doesn't have a lot of happy endings. Salon misses the point as they cannot lay blame at any woman's feet, god forbid the feminism liberated sexuality narrative be destroyed.

I do blame moms. As the primary role model, they can set the tone. They can be a good model and also the first line of defense. I cite moms first because we live in a society where 41% of new births are bastard children so mom is the sole parental figure. I cite moms because more often than dads they get custody in a divorce. They also have 'been there'. They understand the game. I think one of th ebest Mad Men dialogues ever was when Betty Draper explained to Sally why a first kiss is special. Dads are also to blame, but I will cut slack to dads who had family court screw them over with custody. Dads know the mind of a teenage boy. Why would you drench a swimmer in blood and drop them into the shark tank? This is the same as sending a skanked out daughter to the mall with her friends. This is absentee fathering at its worst. If a dad is home and lets this happen, it is even worse. Sack up and tell your wife to fuck off for once before your daughter devolves into a Sex and the City mini-me who only feels right if there is a man in her life and a cosmo in her hand.

While this skank dress up and aggressive behavior has always been with us, it has not been so mainstream. A good friend cited how the Britney Spears media blitz really brought it to life as she was constantly pushed as a saucy minx.... and she was still 18. Miley Cyrus has not helped, nor has the general lowering of female standards when it comes to behavior. A far more insightful analysis fo this entire slutty tweens idea is here, "Raising Feral Females". What happens to the prostitots by the time they reach 21? With so many out there, how can we tell? This is a huge national experiment. Will oral cancer, HPV and herpes infections just keep rising? Probably. Will these girls grow up to be women who only assign value to their looks and how many guys they can attract, therefore suffering catastrophic ego destruction if they are not married by 30? Yes, I see it already in my generation. Will we see more out of wedlock babies? Most likely.

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