Thursday, March 10, 2011

Don't Ever Disparage Someone's Mothering

While watching the atrocious Bachelor reunion show, which was awful and I barely paid attention to while reading, I rewound and rewatched a sequence that explained a problem with modern society. A 'crazy' contestant was being called out for being bad and mean, behaving like a stereotypical bad vixen on the show. The young woman pointing out the vixen's bad behavior mentioned the vixen being a mom, and maybe not setting the best example. This stopped the vixen's crying as she got real harsh and said 'don't you ever question my mothering'. Sadly and predictably, the host then said something defending that and the other ladies backed down. It elevated her a bit. This is horrible, as that was the opportunity to have a rather huge conversation on the whys on going on reality when a person is a parent, especially a single parent.

Since when did being a mom make you automatically a saint? No one can ever question someone's mothering? Sorry, but I think being irresponsible enough to have a child out of wedlock, then be cited in an NBA player's divorce, and then actively sign up for a multiple month show that would take you away from your child does reflect on your parenting (she also has implants). You agreed to be on a show that would leave your child elsewhere for months. Instead of someone bringing this up, we get the St. Mom halo drop. That is BS. I know plenty of people who suffered with bad moms. The sad part is 35 years ago, the vixen would be called a loose woman who abandoned her illegitimate bastard child to chase attention and superficial fame on TV on a long form version of the Dating Game. I know it is harsh, but gosh, something feels a lot better about shaming attention whore (and other related) behavior rather than defending and celebrating it.

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Anonymous said...

"Feminism" doesn't allow a factual critique of women. Everything must be celebrated or elevated. Any flaws are not their fault. -A