Sunday, February 27, 2011

Single in the Suburbs Detective Work by Dalrock

A blogger fisks or does detective work on a and the MSN portal column called Single in the Suburbs. He calls BS on the entire sham. The woman's journey through online dating as a divorcee reads like a Lifetime movie with a much too convenient and happy ending. It is absolutely unrealistic and beyond belief (secret multi-millionaire handyman???). It also resembles other fictional works, one by the same author. The blogger does a nice job of pointing out how in the comments section some women have said this column has helped them see that they needed to get a divorce. Shame if this is fictional and it leads people to abandon marriages and wreck families. Cruise around his site, as he has some interesting posts on marriage, the Brothers Grimm, and poking fun at the manosphere and feminism as well.

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