Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Retire to Argentina

Retire? Who can think of that in this current crazy era. I can. It is far out there for me. I think of how to stretch the limited retirement dollars we all will have after the great shakedown is complete. That means living in a more remote area in America or abroad. Argentina is probably where the wife and I will retire to in 35-40 years. Not full time as we'll probably split time between the US & Argentina, but I don't want to deal with winter when I am old. I saw it wear on my grandparents. With Argentina, I can spend my entire time in summer & fall. I also will want to spend time near my kid(s) for part of the year, so I would go to where they are, if they want me to. For all I know, that might mean travel to a 3rd country.

Retiring to a South American country can stretch your dollars. When I hear upper middle or middle class people talk of retiring to Europe, it surprises me as those countries are pretty pricey. My experience in Europe was the backpack student experience, and even with $1 dollar worth 1.20 euros at the time it was expensive. I can't imagine retiring there part time on a fixed income. South American countries still experience inflation in the double digits, so having income in US dollars works to your advantage. I know the language, and physically, my wife and I would fit in. I would just need a mustache. While I wouldn't want to live in Buenos Aires, spending time in the Paris of South America sounds like fun. 40 years is a long way away and much can change, but I like to plan early.

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