Tuesday, February 01, 2011

More Egypt Hopes

As I posted before, I am hopeful that the people of Egypt can enjoy an expansion in their individual freedom. I am also nervous that the pro-democrtacy, anti-food inflation riots of 2010 are not taken over by a Islamist group. The tough thing with oppressive autocratic regimes is that they spend a lot of time and energy oppressing and destroying any 'group' out there and one of the natural rally points for people after a regime fall is their religion. This happened in Iran in '79-80. Let us not see it happen again now. Unfortunately, I do not think Mubarak is like Pinochet (they only share the negatives of Pinochet), and the moment now in Egypt is not like the Chilean slow process of democratic reforms. A theocracy in Egypt is not what we want right now, and surprisingly, CNN is not even considering the possibility of that outcome in their coverage (Fox News's panel does). Let's hope for the best.

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