Saturday, February 12, 2011


My folks visited for a week to see their grandson. Good times for them. They told me that my old high school manages to get foreign kids to go now for 36K annually (room & board included) and get kids from surrounding towns to go for academic and athletic reasons for 9.4K annually. This is nonsense. The Chinese are sending their kids because they think 'American private education' in Maine is like Exeter or Groton, and to explain how little they researched the school one family sent their kid to Portland, Oregon instead of Maine on the first flight over. They are getting ripped off. The local kids going there instead of to their high school are just as delusional. Uprooting the kid from their social network and paying 9.4K annually for a marginal 'improvement' in sports of academic opportunities is pretty dumb. My old high school was marginally better than some for college preparation and placement. Save the 9.4K and enjoy life. Heck, save the 37k in tuition and move to that town to go for 'free'. My dad, of course, is happy about this because this somehow makes the school seem better and therefore makes him feel better. I said it was delusional behavior and a nice con game the school has going for it. That school will never get my donation money.

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