Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Danger of Crumbling Arab Dictatorships

I welcome the toppling of dictators in the 3rd world. It is great to see the destruction of dictators who routinely torture their people and amass fortunes on their backs. The problem in the Arab world is that with years of oppression, there is normally no political group or outlet for people to gravitate towards after the dictator falls. Naturally, a dictator must suppress any political organization as it might be his downfall.

The worry is that the vacuum will be filled by the other rally point of people: religion. This was the sad truth of the Iranian revolution of 1979, which the Shiite leaders coopted to take control of the nation. This is the fear with these uprisings right now in the Arab world. I recall either Kissinger or Brzenski discussing in an interview why he ultimately feared Arab nations trying to take on Israel again. The fear was these dictators who for decades have deflected criticism of their regimes by inciting the people against Israel (and the US) would be forced to attack Israel. israel would destroy their attacking forces in maybe 1 week again, which would discredit the regimes. These regimes would crumble and be replaced by Islam dominated and Sharia law enforcing regimes. This is running through my mind as we see Egypt and now Libya in trouble. Libya shocks me a bit, and must shock Hilldawg shown above with Qadafi's son in competing pant suits. Qadafi has the money from oil to subsidize food prices, and even though the FED has pushed monetary policies that have made cotton rise 44% in 48 days in 2011 amongst other commodities, he should be able to contain or pacify the masses.

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