Thursday, February 24, 2011

Charlie Sheen 2-24-2011 Quotes with Alex Jones

Radio call in interview of Charlie Sheen who sounds a bit high for 18 minutes. Selected Quotes:

"converting your tin cans into pure gold"

"BullSssss... H... I... T"

"I got magic, I've got poetry at my fingertips, most of the time, and this includes naps, I'm an f-18 bro and i will destroy you in the air, i will deploy my ordnance to the ground"

"it's just pure and complete gnarlyisms"

"his pen and his vision that created the classic we know as major league who some know as wild thing, as they should"

"why give an interview when you can leave a warning?"

"it's over, there's a new sheriff in town and he has an army of assassins"

"duh we work for the Pope we're Vatican assassins... We're high priest Vatican assassin warlocks"

"you either love or hate but you must do so violently... i don't live in the middle anymore"

"tremendous focus tremendous clarity and tremendous peace"

He rips on AA and rehab culture. I enjoyed that.

"New flash I am special and I will never be one of you"

"I'm not Thomas Jefferson. He was a pussy."

"I have a disease. I cured it, with my mind."

"if you infiltrate and try to hurt my family i will murder you violently"

He then discusses watching Jaws in the ocean at night. He proposes that you do this like Dark Side of Oz and will experience a 4th dimensional aspect.

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