Thursday, February 10, 2011

Anyone Know Who the US Govt Backs in Egypt?

First, Hilary asked for protestors to be calm and kind of scatter and go home.

Then, Obama said he supported those seeking individual freedom but to do it peacefully (didn't do it for Iranians 2 years ago).

Then Obama-State Dept. wanted to see Mubarak resign an dleave.

Then, the 'world' wanted us to slow it down with shooing Mubarak away.

Now, we want him to leave quickly, like now.

Looks like a former CIA asset is the VP now and likely to be the new strong man until elections. Doesn't it feel like the Administration is caught with its pants down an dis kind of supporting protestors but really wants to see the regime stay intact and in power? Let's just hope there is not a repeat of Iran in 1979.

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