Monday, January 24, 2011

Why no Organ Donor Market?

The Brits are reviewing and possibly removing limits on the amount a female can be paid for her eggs. I am a supporter fo this. I recall seeing ads in my college's newspaper obviously from rich couples for egg donations or surrogate pregnancies with a list of desired characteristics and a high price tag (usually 10K but this was 10 years ago). Sperm donation can get you a small paycheck, and my question is: why is it illegal to sell your organs?

Why do we allow people to sell their genetic material and women their limited ovum, but not allow people to put a pricetag on a kidney while living or other organs when nearing death? I get that this somehow falls under the government's "you can't sell yourself" concept, but why? If near death from an accident with a healthy liver, why not sell it to a person way down on the donor list? I have a strong feeling the libs are scared that this would lead to a scary world of poor people having to sell kidneys to evil rich people looking to live forever. I also bet the christian conservatives would find some biblical reason to oppose it. I call BS. We buy and sell everything else, and too many people die on donor waiting lists for me to worry about the ethical choices of the sellers in this market. If you want to take that risk or make that monetary exchange for your family or yourself, it is your right.

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