Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sirius Black is my HP Spirit Character

To expand upon my idea of my spirit character in the Harry Potter universe being Sirius Black, I thought I’d wrap it up into a bow and then throw in another theory for an informed source, and then my back up character. This is written as I am into the Deathly Hallows, having finished the Half Blood Prince which I will forever refer to as “The 'Empire’ of the HP Series”. Part of the identification is his personality, his past as the handsome, golden boy in school, his odd family, his flight from his family, his maverick and recklessness despite being a good guy.

Another part is how I view HP is my cousins in the HP-Hermione-Ron generation, and how I am like a bridge between the original generation of the Order of the Phoenix-the Marauders and the newbies. I have knowledge of Harry’s dad (my actual uncle) from before Harry’s time. The Order itself is involved. Sirius is a member of the Order of the Phoenix. The Order was formed prior to Harry/Hermione’s generation existing and had different members of the HP universe good guy side in it. The Order in our real universe would be the users of the past. This would include my uncle, my parents, myself and other illustrious friends seeking enlightenment. It is an attempt to expand the mind and seek order amongst the chaos and strangeness that is life. The Order does have to operate in secret as the government does not support the Order. The Order must use code words, and sometimes Order members must keep secrets even from other members about the goods. The Order definitely uses magic and mental powers.

Our Order would only be revived in 2010 when called upon during a weekend of mortal danger for an original member of the Order (a member’s hospital trip). You two were active in stuff, but had not contacted me to be involved. The newest members and Sirius knew that the Order must be revived, as I recall we stood in the hospital wide eyed saying, “We gotta ——- tonight”. Sirius’ main goal is to guide the new members to higher states, push them and develop their powers. Our Order would be augmented by a new weapon: the maxx. The Order’s new generation members are in the Order at the same time as Sirius (our activity together), and Sirius’ existence in the Order as an original member (my in utero spring of ‘79 existence and if it counts, as an ova inside my mom all through the 70s). The Order in the HP universe must stay underground. The Order must stay underground, because like the 1970s, we still face persecution (and prosecution) for our efforts. Sirius’ house is used for base operations for the Order, just like we can only feel safest when we are doing magic when at my house. My house if you will oblige, is a refuge like Grimmauld Place.

Secondary theory for Sirius: Sirius (me) - Andromeda (my female cousin) - Blacks (our fam) thing - Yeah, it is more accurate and less involved, as my cousin and I discussed, there are many reasons why that would be the case: we are the two breaking away to do something good amongst the dysfunction being first and foremost. The idea of the Blacks as a whole fits all too well with our family: deranged mofos. Even more coincidental is that Black is a Scottish surname and that is the side that we are related. A problem being that she has a brother that I care about just as much.

Secondary Character: Tom Riddle

I make a point to say Tom Riddle as that is younger Voldemort before he chose to be totally evil. It’s also more of me when I was in school. The large differences though are that I had true friends, had a defined sense of right & wrong, could love and had a soul.

1. Incredibly talented and gifted student/child prodigy
2. Handsome, tall, and dark British looking guy
3. Highly manipulative and cunning - can tailor a scheme to different audiences
4. Magnetic quality as a natural leader that attracts people
5. Incredibly confident and a touch arrogant as he felt apart from most if not all his peers at school
6. Long term thinker, usually steps ahead of everyone else.
7. Not a good relationship with his dad. Gets his “gifts” from his mom.
8. In high school, didn’t get too close to women out of fear they’d ruin his future.
9. Kind of had a temper (really?), held grudges forever and had a well developed taste for revenge (really?).
10. Went to a school with a headmaster who kept an eye on him and did not trust him.
11. Head boy, best student in years at Hogwarts = valedictorian, highest GPA at HS since they started new scaling in the early ’80s.
12. Held teachers in contempt.
13. Could plan for things 10+ years out before others even considered them (see no. 6)
14. Had a stalker who obsessed over them with wild dark hair (for me it was rachel m. who was not hot)
15. Amazing capacity for work that allowed him to do “other things” on the side.
16. Older women could not resist our charms.
17. Slight mental problems.
18. Considered the long term implications of behavior and ways to extend life.
19. Sought and enjoyed power over others.
20. Dominant in social situations.

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