Saturday, January 01, 2011

New Year, Mindfulness

Hard to believe that it is 2011, and we only have 4 years until it is 2015 with the flying cars and hoverboards from Back to the Future 2. This coming year will be a especially exciting year for my wife and I as we expect our first kid early this year. I view parenthood a lot like marriage: you can read and hear all you want about it but you do not know anything until the process begins. We're very excited and anxious for the little guy to arrive.

Preparing for the giant shock that will happen to our daily routine and the taxation on our mental, physical and emotional energy, I've been reading more on Buddhism & meditation. I've been doing meditation routines late at night. I'm going to expand to a daytime moment for meditation to help practice. One of my tried and true routines is to meditate until I can feel my heart beating, until I can feel the actual muscle move inside my chest and keep my mind still while feeling it. My major focus is mindfulness. If I cannot actively meditate, I will keep an active and fully engaged mind with everything I do. Not just being in the moment but fully feeling the moment. Too many people sleepwalk through life. I do not my best not to be one of them.

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