Sunday, December 26, 2010

NY Times Vows: Celebrate Rich Family Destruction

The NY Times has a section called "Vows" which celebrates weddings. They recently spotlighted a wealthy NYC couple that set off a comment, letters to the editor, and response article firestorm. This couple started as friends, with their spouses as friends as well, and then fell for each other. They wrecked their families to be together.

My favorite line is from the woman, "Why am I being punished? Why did someone throw him in my path when I can't have him?"

That is life. Life tempts you all of the time. I'm not a big believer in the soulmate concept, and I'd bet big dollars on her feeling the exact same way when she first met her first husband. You took vows with that first husband and implied with those children. What happened to those vows? This new guy was an infatuation whom you had a friendship with, which is the most dangerous type of attraction. The tougher choice for your personal needs is to cut him out of your life and be honest with your spouse. The tougher choice for your family is to end everything to join up with him. I feel bad for the kids. That has to be awkward. Looking at the photos, they are in those delicate years for divorced kids. Let's do a follow up with them in 10 years... and of their kids.

Half of the time, I think the NY Times selects people for different articles and spotlights to get any reaction and generate buzz. If that is the real reason for showcasing these assholes, then excellent job NY Times. I hope that is the reason. I hope the NY Times is not that clueless that they do not see how people will not sympathize with the subjects of their article. The holiday season begs for articles about couples who met during the winter holidays whether in an upswing or downswing in their life. It might be cliche or too middle class suburban to have an article like that, but I'd read a story of the lonely or depressed duo who meet through a mutual friends Christmas party that they did not want to go to at all and smile. This is why Christmas stories have happy endings.

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