Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Movie Review: Tron Legacy

The sci fi kid nerd in me forced me to see Tron Legacy. Tron was a moderately successful sci fi movie from the early 80s that became dated almost instantaneously due to its special effects. Disney needed some sci fi loving, and rolled the dice with a 28 year delayed sequel. A movie like this will be dependent on good special effects, good action and a solid story. Cast really did not matter. You are not going to see this to see an explanation on the human condition; you're there for sci fi awesomeness. Tron Legacy delivers. It is popcorn fun.

The movie starts with a scene set in the 80s with Jeff Bridges in CGI form telling a story to his little son about the Tron world. This helps people not familiar with the original to learn some basic skeleton work of the Tron universe. The CGI Bridges was OK. It looked like a young Jeff Bridges crossed with the older brother from The Wonder Years. We see some awesome rebel son action when he grows up and pranks his company. What a rebel! They could have cast a chimpanzee as the son and we wouldn't care. No one cared. He gets sucked into the Tron world and it is ON!

Shit gets real right off the bat. There is some awesome design detail to Tron World. It is dark. It is stormy. It is clean. I enjoyed just looking around. There is action and adventure which make the battle and light cycle scenes from the original movie look quaint. The electronic unfurling of cycles and planes are cool special effects. Character wise, I loved how Jeff Bridges turned his character into the "Dude" so that it felt like the "Tron Lebowski". "You're messing up my whole Zen thing, man" could have been a line from the Big Lebowski 12 years ago. It made his character a bit fun even if out of place, and this includes his interior decorating choices. Weird thing was how his son did not call him dad in regular dialogue until a couple scenes pass. Odd. I did enjoy "Zeus", working in the character Tron, and the latex/leather girls like Jem (truly outrageous) and Olivia Wilde's Cora. Tron seems to always be about world domination. Couldn't we just get some action in the Tron world without it having to involve dominating one world or the other?
This movie will not dig deep. It is popcorn, action flick fun times. I did see it 3D, which was cool. I recommend seeing it at matinee pricing. Just turn off your brain or lower it down to a 1 out of 10 and just have some fun. If you are a rich asshole who has a 3D HDTV already, then you might as well wait for this to come out on DVD.

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