Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Game Community

For a while, I have been reading blogs that are part of the game community. This community is the pick up artist community trying to help regular joes and nerds navigate the dating scene and have more success with women. This is not a slam on the concept. I do believe that a lot of their moves work. There is also room for applying these concepts in small doses in long term relationships and marriages. A lot of their advice is natural to me (much to my wife's dismay, I can talk to anyone), so it makes me laugh when they advise people to stand a certain way, say things, or just approach girls. WHY GO TO A PARTY AND NEVER APPROACH A WOMAN???? There is no problem with these ideas, moves or concepts. The problem lies in the complete douchebags that seem to populate this universe.

The world is full of jerks of both genders. I'm not denying this. The men trying to learn are not bad guys, as often you read their comments about being the nice guy and being mistreated. They are just trying to unlock the key of hiding their status as a nice guy friend to a desirable personality for mating. That is a sad enough indictment on society. I had an aunt a decade older than me who told me at age 15 that girls would chase bad guys and jerks for the next decade, but I shouldn't be like them and should stay a nice guy for when the girls come to their senses. It took me 3 years to figure out my aunt was partially right that young women would chase after jerks, but she was partially wrong in that I should stay nice. This was the paradox of young adulthood for my guy friends: act nice and be a friend or be a jerk and get attention. As I grew older, I passed down knowledge to younger men like "do not tell a girl you like her ever" and "never be the first to say I love you". I got laughed at by them, but after their freshman year in college, they understood. One poker night, a friend wondered aloud if we'd have to marry 28 yr olds who had 2 kids from when they dated assholes? It never crossed his mind that at 28 he could date down in age. My friends who got caught in the friend zone with girls would not leave the situation and would continue to be a self esteem booster for the objects of their affection. They could have used some schooling in 'game'.

The men running the sites or frequent commenters are an interesting symptom of modern society. One I frequent for his social commentary and links, which while darker than mine, is pretty interesting. Another is a lifestyle and travel writer as well as pick up 'teacher'. He has a life plan and is committed to it. The rest are mostly lame, and I only go to them if they are linked by the first two. The weird vibe that they throw off is not anti-women as much as anti-anyone who is not doing what they are doing. It is as if the game lifestyle is the only play in town that is right. This is further devolution of society as men are cads, then women behave worse over time, then men decide to sink to newer, lower levels. I'm now afraid to hit the clubs even as an observer with my single friends again for fear of catching airborne Herpes VII.

I decided to call one guy out on his blog. He posted on his game action, with perfect description of his clothes, and how no one in the club was rocking it like him. He doesn't score that night. Honestly dude, you're a fucking blogger with a day job who goes to clubs. You are not George Clooney. In the comments I saw him post how he's tired of the game and looks forward to meeting the right woman to escape it.... at age 29. HAHAHAHAHAHA, how the heck do you call yourself a disciple of the game and teacher if you are tired of it at age 29? A true playah wouldn't settle down until maybe 40. Wait, he's black so he has to contradict himself in everything he does (ex: "I'm not fag but let's go shopping for clothes for a whole day. Blue looks great on you."). I called him out for this statement saying that betrays his carefully crafted internet image. He disagreed despite his mask slipping. I typed that you can't create an entire website devoted to being a playah and then lament the fact that you tire of it and want to enjoy a life exactly opposite of it. I checked back the next day for his response, and none was there. Also missing were the back and forth comments between him and I. I guess the carefully constructed playah persona won out. Funny thing is, if you go through his archives, you see the development from a guy who read pick up artist books & had to learn & grow as a playah later become this persona that constantly implies he never had to learn. Once again, this hits on my theme of what is real or more real when considering the lives we lead vs. our Internet self. When you type it on the internet, it stays out there forever. This is why my college era livejournal will remain anonymous and forgotten.

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