Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wikileaks WTF

The latest Wikileaks information terror attack (the diplomatic cable release) should be their last. Barry needs to man up, for once, and take this guy out. This is classified, secret information. If it is a crime, prosecute. Heads need to roll at State and the Pentagon when they find out who leaked this information. The Iraq War leak was not as bad as it said a lot of what we already knew, destroyed some myths, and answered some questions of a war zone that we are slowly disengaging from and have been disengaging from since 2008. The Afgan War leak was horrible as it put active sources, spies and servicemen at risk. This was in an active war zone that we are increasing our presence in with a shaky leader in a 4th world nation. There is a big difference though in the leaks.

This leak touches a lot of people high up the food chain. Leaders are mocked by others or are the named source of a tidbit of information. We cannot keep secrets. Who will feel comfortable sharing information with us? How do you think our 'insiders' will feel now that their countries or governments know the US has a nice resource within the cabinet? My favorite part is how the Arab world hates Iran's growing presence, but never says it in person. Funny how some people already thought this, but nope, the mainstream media always has to position it as Israel vs. Iran. The docs on worries that Iran has advanced missiles from North korea will not help anyone sleep at night, but Barry will probably still keep that open hand extended out to Iran.

This is not the Pentagon Papers. That was the release of a 'white paper' done by the dept of defense of the US involvement in Vietnam from the inception of the French-Indochina war. It told a story of how we got to where we got, and was old news by multiple years when it was published. it also told of massive lying by the Johnson Admin to everyone else in America. That was a service to our country. This wikileaks data dump is like a hacker, ADD version of that. It is a massive data dump of sensitive material that is critical today. The sad part is that it exposes the State Dept, and the White House, as incompetent or ineffective. How does this happen? How did the first two leaks not lead to an arrest or shut down before this leak? How do you look allies, spies and potential resources in the face and say "you're secret is safe with me as a member of the United States foreign service"?

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