Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Cruel and Dumb Human Mind

A simple house party near Atlanta. A small fight breaks out. After that fight, a young man gets jumped and dies. Four men beat another to death. Why? Because two girls got in a fight and one of them hit a man in the course of their fight. Instead of laughing and brushing them off, he said he would not hit a woman but would jump the next man that came by. Wrong place, wrong time.

People get hit inadvertently if a fight breaks out at a bar or party. Oftentimes, you brush it off, especially if its a weak punch, which usually happens when someone accidentally hits you. An indirect hit usually hurts less than a strike intended for you. No, this guy couldn't let it go, BUT he would not hit a woman. What a gentleman! He and his 3 friends jumped a 5 foot 6 125 lb 18 year old, and stomped him to death. Whatever happened to just hitting the next guy, ? No, they had to stomp him to death. I bet had the 18 year old victim had been 6 foot 6 and 250 lbs, they would not have touched him.

Georgia has the death penalty. They better plea this out or face a jury of twelve in the deep south. A jury full of parents might think twice on the death penalty, might.

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