Thursday, October 07, 2010

Support Geert Wilders Day

Support Geert Wilders freedom of speech. Geert Wilders is a Dutch politician on trial. The courts are trying to curb his freedom of speech because he has been critical of Islam and Muslim immigrants. He does not say hateful things, just critical things. He has been outspoken about Europe, and the West, being babies about Islamofascists and terrorists. He brings up how Muslims killed Theo Van Gogh for making a film that was critical of islam's treatment of women. Think about it: clerics can call for fatwas and death to filmmakers but Geert can't call them out for being murderous assholes. Geert Wilders is a believer that immigration means you leave your laws and rules back in your country and operate under the laws of your new country. It sounds simple, but it is very un-PC to Eurocrats. European people are finally waking up to the problems of Muslim immigration without integration, but even then don't want to appear un-PC even when their kids get beat up. European politicians will only wake up when their voters have cast them out.

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