Sunday, October 24, 2010

School Dinners?

School Dinners are potentially coming to some school districts. Of course, the human shield of 'it's for the children' is employed to explain the program. This is so children don't starve. Yeah, that $1 box of pasta is way too expensive. Buried in the article is that students stay in after school care until 6:30pm and some don't get a meal when they go home. That is 12 hours at school. This program sounds like it is being put in place for horrible parents to further shirk responsibility. If you don't feed you kid when they come home from school, you're a dipshit. Let's be frank. Why do they still have the kid? I heard that child protective services took kids on plenty of erroneous charges. Why would not feeding your children not fall into that category? Isn't that one of the basics of parenting: food shelter, water, don't kill.

Why not turn the school into an orphanage that the parents turn the kids into for 24-7 care?
How come the children live below the poverty line, and most likely have unemployed parents, yet need after school care?
Why are the kids in afterschool care until 6:30pm?
Why doesn't Fox News go after the fraud parents rather than say the program will potentially break up American families?

That last question makes me wonder why Fox News went light on degenerates, which they love to go after on a regular basis. If the dinner program is voluntary, people who care about their kids will not participate. The folks who could have family break up issues are people already willing to turn schools into the pseudo-parents. After all, if you see your kids from 6:30pm to bed time and then before school Monday through Friday, how much of a connection do you have*?

*This applies to the rich as well as poor.

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