Thursday, October 21, 2010

Rights vs. Luxuries

The French are in the midst of major protests that have shut down the nation. Trains are running but not many cars. The people are fired up. They want to restore their rights, the very right their grandparents fought for. The right to retire at age 60. Seriously, they are whining because the retirement age is going to be raised to 62. They can't raise taxes as the money is not there and the economy is just as bad as here. They need to reduce spending and a huge way to help is to push out retirement. The stench of entitlement is amazing in the quotes. As far as fighting, no, no one fought for those rights in France. We rebuilt France after WW2 with the Marshall plan, and everytime the French wanted more vacations, fewer hours and lower retirement ages, they went on strike at an inopportune time. Game over fools, the piper must be paid.

***The social security full retirement age is 67 in the US.

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