Friday, October 29, 2010

A Money and Meth Murder

The jury got this one right. "Ninjas" went in and murdered a couple (Billings, CNN data here) for supposed millions. The couple had adopted many children, and had 9 special needs children living under their roof at the time. These "Ninjas" used a gun. Seriously, real ninjas don't need guns. Too bad Byrd Billings didn't sleep with an AK-47 in his bedroom. If you're going to keep lots of money at home (family safe had 165K+/-), it is probably a good idea to keep some weapons handy to defend it. I put Meth in the title as the ringleader and his dad look like they are meth heads, don't they? The dad has that super wrinly meth look like in the 'faces of meth' project. A person would have to be on meth to convince others to dress up as 'ninjas' and kill a couple with 9 children in their home that had surveillance cameras.

I hope they all get life in prison and sissies for some bigger bubbas in Florida's prison system.

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