Friday, October 08, 2010

Mayor Nanny McBloomberg

The government is always willing to provide you with a helping hand type of program as long as they can use that program to control what you can do, bwahahahaha. This is the difference betwen tax credits and cuts. A cut lowers rates regardless of action, while a credit rewards you for doing something the government wants you to do. Mayor Bloomberg, nanny in charge of NYC, tried to get federal help to block the use of food stamps on soda and other sugared drinks. Why stop there? Orange and Apple Juice are worse than just water as they are loaded with sugar as well. Why don't we just set it so food stamps can only buy milk and water? Mayor Bloomberg is the best political example of rich people thinking they know what is best for everyone else, especially poor people.

How about this lie from Bloomberg, "This initiative will give NY families more money to spend on food and drinks that provide real nourishment." This is a lie because there is no increase in food stamp allowances. There are fewer options. This reduces choice. This reduces freedom. Yes, soda is liquid candy, but every adult has a choice of what they want to drink. Bloomberg might be subtley admitting that food stamps are more than enough and the soda is an 'extra' when he says it will give people more money to spend on nourishing foods. People know soda has no nutritional value, but they buy it because it tastes good. God forbid they make their own decisions. Maybe the solution is to remove the food stamps or maybe just mail them a prepacked meal that mayor Bloomberg deems healthy. Yeah, that's the ticket.

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