Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hillary is cackling in her Mansion

As I blogged here months ago, Hillary is biding her time. This AP poll must encourage Hillary. The most frightening thing for Obama in this poll has to be that Independents are against him beign reelected 46-36, and this poll is kinder than the other poll that says 56% do not think he deserves another term. This is all very very early, but Hillary has to be thinking about going for it. If she wants to go for it, she has to break with Barry early 2011. She would also be calculating that things do not get much better in the economy from now to mid 2012.

People forget that the Democratic leadership took Michigan delegates away from Hillary and gave them to Obama even though he was not on the ballot. He won caucus states and lost primary states because it is tougher to rig primaries. People forget she had the momentum in March and April, and Barry struggled through the summer. They chose to toss the old news woman out for the shiny new thing.

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