Monday, October 11, 2010

Columbus Day

Columbus Day celebrates the 'discovery' of the Americas by Columbus. His journey was a quest for a quicker passage to Asia for trade. He bumped into another continent. Columbus Day is a celebration hated by liberals and used to once again demonize Western Civilization (because American Indians are pure). What Columbus had no knowledge of was that the new continents would be fertile ground for new ideas, an outlet for disgruntled and creative souls, and a land of 2nd chances for outcasts, the oppressed and petty criminals. When I think of Columbus' efforts and the subsequent colonization of the Americas, I thank that history unfolded as it did to give me and my friends and family the opportunity to live in wonderful wealth when compared to many others on this planet. Here's a graph, and a link to explain the graph, to explain just how lucky we in America are.

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