Saturday, September 11, 2010

Twilight Thoughts

After a visit from my young cousin, I did some research on the Twilight readers at work. Sure one was in their 20s, but the rest were 30 and up, with the most hardcore of the readers being 40+. I asked them if they were bothered by the pedo love story, the destructive behavior of characters over 'love', the weird imprinting pedo part near the end, and the weird reinforcement that young girls should be in relationships with inherently men who have the urge to kill them. (I know these details because of my 13 yr old niece.) The common defense, "but it's a love story and they love each other". Yes, folks, love does conquer all, at least all logic. To each their own, and I am glad to see so many people reading as it is better than just vegging out in front of the tube or CPU. Just why is Ms. Meyer so successful? I think it's that her Venn Diagram for potential readers is so large.

1. Love story - Women of all ages love to read love stories with handsome men.
2. Bland lead - She is pretty darn bland yet this immortal falls in love with her and wants to make her immortal with him. That is an unbelievable gift, immortality. She is so bland every woman can project themselves into her.
3. Paranormal Romance - This genre is between romance and erotic lit at your bookstore. It's freaky romance stories with ghosts, werewolves and vampires. It is really just more of "women falls for men she can't have".
4. Abstinence Tale - While Christians will dislike the supernatural features, it teaches the young girls to wait to have sex and is constantly talking about not doing the deed (sex or turning vampire). Just substitute sex for vampie turning, and this book is a Victorian Era morality story.
5. Young Protagonist Discovering Herself - Many people want to go back to their 17 year old self and relive those days. This book allows that for so many of these women.
6. Amazing Male Love Interest - This guy is an immortal but falls in love with the bland new girl in school. Look at many adult America men. Over 70% are overweight and 1/3 are obese (source). These women want to dream that the guy they are stuck with was a fit, immortal, beautiful, song & poetry writing, forever young man.

A Venn Diagram would have several circles: wholesome virgins, paranormal romance readers, teens, romantics, middle aged women married to schleps, overweight females, people who will read it to mock others. That is a big mess of circles.

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