Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Favorite Politician: Chris Christie

If you do not know about Chris Christie, read up on him. He's common sense, he's a facts and results guy, and he's blunt. He doesn't yell but he doesn't let anyone yell at him. He's taking on the public unions. He has my support. Here's some video smackdowns.

First, some nice guy talk sitting on a stool.

N.J. Gov. Christie: You may hate me now, but ten years from now you'll be sending me a thank you note

Now for a quick beatdown where he overrides the California candidate who was handling a heckler to get the heckler to shut up, start nodding and then back down.

Now the main course. This verbal smackdown is awesome. As he points out, the thing to save teachers' jobs was a 1.5% contribution to their medical/dental insurance and the union said NO.

I'd rather see him run in 2016, but I feel he's going to be pushed to run in 2012 for POTUS. I'd rather see him run in 2016. 2012 feels like it will be a weird weird election year.

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