Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Leonardo Da Vinci: Mad Genius

Leonardo Da Vinci is one of the greatest all around humans to have ever existed (hyperbole much?). He was far ahead of his time. One thing people like to say against him is that anyone can dream up an idea that can't be built in their time like "I will draw a robot/flying car/self drying jacket and watch 50 years form now I'll be trumpeted like Da Vinci". I say pshaw. He dreamed and designed inventions that worked, but were hampered by his time and his contemporaries. Cracked, the humor site, has done a nice job of expanding the Da Vinci reputation to the commoners.

I don't know what is my favorite idea of his. He has so many. The tank with one slight design 'problem' that when altered does work. The fricking robot. The helicopter. If forced to choose, I'd argue for the wooden car... that they put together recently that worked. I wish we had a reputable contemporary biographer of Da Vinci. What I take from him is that he had 24 hours in a day and one lifetime. It was a lifetime far shorter than many modern people, but far more packed with energy.

You have 24 hours every single day. You have a lifetime. Go live.

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