Sunday, August 22, 2010

Therese and Isabelle

Therese and Isabelle is a black and white, French film from 1968. French girls in a private, boarding school fall in love, create a strong bond, and engage in Sapphic pleasures. It is all artsy so it is not a Skinemax flick. It is well shot, the acting is good, the love scenes seem realistic, and the music is enjoyable. This must be a great film for lesbians or confused college age LUGs (how does Jonah Goldberg not get credit on the wikipedia page for LUGs???). Everything is romanticized for the girls and the mother-daughter relationship. Those pesky men are always trying to mess things up from the boy in town to the step-dad. Some shots and scenes could have been tightened up or removed. The film had maybe 15 mins total of useless shots or slow pacing. The narration of the love scenes between Isabelle and Therese is worth watching this alone. You will hear the word 'entrails' multiple times, which never crosses my mind during sex. Thumbs up to Isabelle as well.

My one major criticism is that the movie ends with the line "I never saw Isabelle again". Wait, you two went from they will never tear us apart and all lovey dovey to never seeing each other again? You both live in France and you had each other's name. Why not reconnect somewhere in the future? Why not find each other that summer? Lame. Might have been interesting to see them strike up a life long friendship that would forever carry the secret of what they shared. This could have been a nice denoument to the film rather than the older Therese walking back to her car (and manfriend/husband) and leaving her former school with her memories.

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