Saturday, August 07, 2010

Media Massaging Events

We all know how the media can alter the same fact. A 16 year old boy accused of a crim can become the young man who is the prime suspect. It is all in how 'they', the editors, want you to read the story. A curious case of this massaging of fact is in the obituary for an old child of the 60s anti-imperialism criminal who died recently after serving decades in jail for robbing armored cars. The Brink's robbery (in 1981) is described as a "politically motivated act gone violently awry". Paints a picture of a political act against the capitalist system that just happened to end in dead guards and cops. A few paragraphs down, you read that she was also convicted for a robbery in 1981 of another armored car where a guard was killed. There is also mention of a plea bargain deal where she admitted to being a part of bombings of government buildings. Sorry Ny Times, but I think violence was their MO. No matter how much you might be fellow travelers of the romanticized baby boomer hippie groups, they had violent streaks that did shock the nation.

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