Monday, August 16, 2010

Mad Men Season 4 Reactions

Update: Alan Sepinwall has a great review of the episode that inspired this post.

Season 4 of Mad Men is back to focusing on Don Draper livin' his life and the ad agency working. Oddly, a Peggy heavy episode inspired this post.

Good Ideas

- Don Draper slowly descending into a sh*thole existence. I love how he finally had an affair backfire.
- The ad agency must come up with ideas. It must get clients. There is a delicate act of running a start-up on display for all to see. The problem of handling a massive client (Lucky Strike) that can make or break you. I loved the goofy little bits about the supermarket fight.
- Peggy going further down the path I predicted earlier but now with a lez wrinkle. I love it. She might be so Catholic that she does not notice the lesbian all into her.
- Pete Campbell being smarmy, and Joan back to being super sexy. Everyone hates Pete with good reason.
- Trudie showing up.
- Lane Price telling Joan that unlike every other man in the world, he will not go weak over her charms.
- NYC artists acting in a super holier than thou attitude just a few years before completely selling out and/or going in such a bizarre route than most people don't give a shit.
- The Karate Kid's mom as the old lady secretary for Don Draper. Oh my God, time flies.
- They raided my liquor cabinet: canadian club and tanqueray on display.

Bad Ideas

- Those dumb ads in the middle of a commercial break that look like a Mad Men scene. They star that "Desperado Episode of Seinfeld" guy, and I dislike him and all he stands for in those ads. Don't trick me into stopping my fast forwarding.
- Joan's husband. Every single time that guy is onscreen, I want to punch him in the face. He's like the dumbest, goofiest SOB to have graduated med school.
- Any scene with Betty Draper. My wife and I severely disliked her and expected her to be written off completely so January Jones could make movies. Nope. We have to suffer her onscreen.

When the season opened, I expected them to throw the attractive shrink Dr. Miller at Draper as his big affair for the season. They showed Draper with a hooker and then drunkenly moving on his young secretary. The secretary affair finally turns on him for once (woohoo), and he keeps hiring the hooker. The downward spiral is on! I really expected this last season with the teacher who got too close and was totally discarded by Don. The season could still have him get with the shrink, but a HUGE sign of his drop would be a rejection by the shrink. I hate seeing this show end, and like LOST, it makes me sad when I see that it only has 8 minutes left.

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