Monday, August 02, 2010

Good Night Good Love

"Could Be (A country thing, a city thing, a blues thing)" is the B-side to a single from Richard Ashcroft's first solo album. The entire album was a love poem to his wife (Kate Radley) whom he was secretly married to for years before they went 'public' with it. This was a wonderful, slide guitar heavy, and sleepy love song that didn't make the album but is forever burned in my memory. I first heard this song late at night on a British radio station. My friend's apartment was incredibly quiet, and the radio sounded so clear. I can close my eyes and still see smoke curl around the radio. The DJ said in a beautiful English voice that this was Richard's take on the "American Country Western" love song. I wrote down the song title and waited months to get back to America to download it. It's not really country, but pump this up to 11 and slow dance with your lover.

"rid me of this logic that leaves my heart branded, (i've been sleeping) take me to the places where the air is clean (and i'll be drowning), meet me at the fountain the one set in the garden, (and you can bless me) i'll wash your hands as you just stand, stand by me" - R. A.

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