Thursday, July 08, 2010

Tonight the Lebron James Bachelor Episode

Tonight only, on ESPN, Lebron James will announce the team he is signing with on a one hour special. This is incredibly lame. The network that airs NBA games, and the NBA Finals, is hosting the event of a player announcing where he will sign. That takes 10 seconds. They are dragging this out to be one hour. It is pathetic. It is a shame that this league will get more buzz from its offseason rather than its championship. The sport of basketball has a growing global presence, but Commissioner David Stern has completely mismanaged the last decade for the NBA. It is also a shame that his biggest star is living the real life Entourage show with his buddies from high school running his career. No one is telling him he's a jackass for doing this show when he hasn't won squat. No one is telling him that his game matters more than his brand. Too many people kiss his ass, from the commissioner to the sports media to the handlers. I'm a vote for this backfiring on him, changing his career arc and altering how fans react to him. Only time will tell.

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