Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Price is Right

A cheeseball set, an old host, corny music and everyday grocery store items filled the air whenever the Price is Right came on air. If you watched or still watch the show, be sure to read about the couple that cracked the code. This is far more uplifting than the Press Your Luck code cracker. This actually explains why Drew Carey was so chill and subdued when he announced the perfect bid. I love The Price is Right. I loved Rod Roddy and his blinding sequins, Bob Barker and how he always got the hole in one, and the models of TPIR. Above the personalities, I loved Plinko, how you had to know something about everyday prices, and the chance that a correct guess on a BBQ could become a BRAND NEW CAR!!! Seriously, Rod screamed brand new car better than any other gameshow announcer. I still use "Price is Right" rules for guessing; closest without going over. The perfect game show: random selection for the stage, smart wits win a small prize, spin the wheel of life for further riches and then a final decision. You can't go over.

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AG said...

I miss Bob Barker. I loved that show when he was on it. Now I won't watch it. Pre-1980's game shows also rock.