Saturday, July 03, 2010

Movie Review: Zombieland

Watched Zombieland after grilling for the 4th of July weekend. Perfect movie for shutting the brain off and just laughing at zombie killing. The zombie kills are fun, there is a nice, running idea of 'rules', and there are fattie kills. Fatties get eaten by zombies or as zombies they get iced. The film is shot pretty dark, and the camera doesn't jump cut in a stomach churning manner. Action comes to the actors. You see a zombie kill develop. It is nice.

A nice focus for the movie is the focus on the little things in life that make life worth living. The characters discuss the life they may have lost, the simple enjoyment they received from small things, music, movies, and firsts. The sequence in the Hummer is fantastic. The different combos of people discuss different things, which we the audience must think about to consider what they were discussing. My favorite exchange was when Abigail Breslin was telling Woody Harrelson that 'only when she has the wig on is she famous', explaining the magic that is Hannah Montana. You only get that snippet, but hearing it, you know it's a conversation countless 12 year old girls have had with their dads, uncles, adult males about the mystery that is Hannah Montana.

This brings up the best part of this movie: Woody Harrelson as Tallahassee. He was macho, sensitive, funny and creative with his take on zombieland. He didn't have the paranoid survivor approach of the beta male lead or the con women trust no one attitude of the sisters. He was a guy looking to enjoy his time killing zombies and looking for a Twinkie. He paints 3s on his rides for the Intimidator. He uses banjos to kill zombies. He cries about losing his son. He does this all in style. I enjoyed his work in Zombieland. I hope when Zombieland 2 rolls around, and it will, that he can explore the space with killing zombies. I look forward to the entire crew returning for Zombieland 2.

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