Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Movie Review: The Room

The Room is the worst film made in the 2000s. Do not watch this unless you want to laugh or MST3K the movie. The good: the score is surprisingly enjoyable, the lighting is good for a small film and the guy who plays the drug dealer is decent. I can't rave enough about the score, it deserved a better movie. The bad: everything else.

- The acting is terrible. Lines are delivered in a wooden and horrible manner. You know obviously that it is a fake story. The mother declares she has breast cancer like she ate a bad muffin. It was never mentioned again.
- They cast a normal unattractive girl in a role that is so 'hot' that men are saying randomly at parties that she looks so hot. Not one decent actress struggling in LA could be in this movie?
- The director, writer and lead actor: one guy, Tommy Wiseau. No talent, not even in one of those 3 jobs. Bad sign unless your name is Mel Gibson or Clint Eastwood. He sounds like a bad Arnold-Borat impersonation with a weird lilt to his delivery. The 'soundboard' is amazing for bad lines and bad deliveries. He also looks like he was carved. His face is weird.
- The story drags on and makes no sense. A guy who has a great job, is loved by everyone, has lots of friends says he is fed up with this world and that everyone betrayed him? They build him up as the most honest, kind hearted person in the whole world, yet he can't handle one betrayal. Subplots have no pay off and go nowhere.
- What about the creepy college student that wants to graduate, get a job, and then make the moves on his adoptive dad's lady????
- There are 3 sets: rooftop, apartment, apartment bedroom. They have some exterior shots that are terrible. They use famous San Francisco shots to tell you it is San Fran, but it seems so forced.
- Tossing a football around in a 4 way quadrangle... 5 feet apart.
- Saying you have to go because you are going to make out with your girlfriend. You also refer to your boxer shorts as "me underwears". You have frosted tips and make funny faces even before you get busy. You are a third tier character in the worst movie of the decade.
- The lead asks for his psychologist friend to be a psychologist to help, but then criticizes him 2 mins later for always playing the psychologist with his friends.
- The random rambling by characters and the constant repeating of phrases. It creates a disjointed feeling where you forget what is important in the story.
- Pillow fights. Multiple pillow fights. None of them are sexy.
- Dudity. Male nudity in the horrid sex scenes. The sex looks gross and painful. Budget must have been tight since they used the same footage in 2 different sex scenes. Nice try Tommy, we see through your tricks.
- Everyone lives in the same building. The guy and his lady, his adoptive 'ward', and the friend that bangs his lady.
- The $6 million budget was spent on what exactly? The writer/director/lead male are the same guy, the sets are minimal, and it looks like stock footage was used for some setting shots. Some investor got screwed out of $6 mil. College students with 10K for a budget could produce better films. Maybe $5.99 million was spent on the score composer?

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