Saturday, July 31, 2010

Kids and Fame

There is the potential for a tremendous book in this survey and the odd lives of former 'reality show' contestants. This article touches on the rise in children wanting to be famous. I do not completely agree with this article on children of divorce vs. intact marriages, but the survey results are interesting. I linked the two not just in this post, but there might be a motivational link. If a survey could cross question the divorced vs. non-divorced units with the fame questions, we might see a connection, not just theory.

Is there anything wrong with this? I don't know if it is any worse than the high percentage that say rich, but usually rich = security and comfort. Fame equals superficial love, adoration and attention. A child wouldn't contemplate the downside to fame, but an 18-25 year old should, which makes those poll results a bit troubling. The web 2.0 Me Me Me sites have flowered recently. The sites have shown the pendulum shift of wanting attention and being known rather than privacy. The issue will probably reach an apex of openness and image control, and then begin a swing back as a backlash will grow.

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