Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Advice for College Graduates

The first year out is weird. It's the weirdest year of your young life. Yes, it is even weirder than the first year after high school when some go to college, some go into the military, some get engaged, some come out of the closet and some go crazy. That first year out you will not have a new 'thing to accomplish'. You'll be just living life. Your friends that didn't go to college and started real life earlier will probably mock you, and that is OK. There will be those of you that have your life planned out: the first job or grad school, where to move to, when to travel, when to marry, etc. but do not avoid the spontaneous moment or random opportunity in that first year out. I would recommend consolidating loans into a fixed rate if it is sub 6%, and even if it is not a career take some job just so you can make a fat payment that first student loan payment to knock down a lot of principal and spending money. My chemical engineer friend was a short order cook for 7 months. He dranked, partied and had tons of fun, and every other Friday night he smelled of seafood when he met us out. Our group of friends debated him about his assertion that he would never have sex again. He seriously believed it. These are the conversations you have that first year out. Seek those moments out.

Best movie about this period of life is Kicking and Screaming. Watch it, see all of the familiar faces, not just the actors but the types.

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