Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Steve Jobs Visionary and Honorary McTroit Citizen

This interview with Steve Jobs done in 1996 is eye opening. Kudos to him for making so many ideas happen.


1. 'Webobjects' - This must be the early name for Iphone apps. Reading how he describes them and what purpose they are to serve, you see the embryonic stage of the Iphone app. He went out and created the premier platform for these webobjects to make $$$.

2. Web winners will sell - Itunes fits his idea of people who will win on the web will have something to sell. He has destroyed the idea of music stores by building the greatest music store out there in virtual cyberspace. He made downloading music legal and reasonably priced.

3. In 1996, he is the changed man we see now - He's gone from the revolutionary, aggressive showman to the creator inside the system. He doesn't want to change the world and accepts that. He wants to work well within the new world.

4. He's ahead of the curve on education - The problems he cites with education, voucher systems being a great tool, and the teacher unions creating a bureaucracy problem that hurts effectively educating children are issues that 'ideologues' would only propose or not be spoken in polite company. After all, everyone has a relative that is a teacher who should be paid more? The governor of NJ, Chris Christie, is going after this issue right now, and other states should be doing it but don't have the courage or leadership. His idea about vouchers possibly spurring private schools left and right is interesting. People might buy land in Detroit and start McTroit, where families who want their kids to succeed can send their kids for a good education. Detroit spends 13.5K per student for a 25% graduate. Indy isn't much better.

5. Not needing a desktop - It took time, but he saw the future as being email, browsing, transactions, not storage. He knew it was coming, so he combined no. 5 with no. 1 to get to the Iphone.

6. Information overload - There is too much out there, and people aren't thinking. He knows this and sends information at people with a firehose in their hand. Give the people what they want.

7. Pixar's origins - Jobs bought Pixar from Lucasfilm in 1986. He created the juggernaut that is Pixar, and collected millions when it went public in the mid 90s. Lucasfilm hasn't made anything of value since 1996. WHY DID LUCAS SELL PIXAR?????? He's an idiot.

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