Monday, June 07, 2010

Runaway Husbands

Oh no! Another horrible thing men do. Runaway Husbands! The text message and post-it note guys are bad, but how else are you suppose to say "it's over"? There is no right moment, right place or right time. Is this something new? Nope. Bruce Springsteen wrote about it in "Hungry Heart" in 1980, and it wasn't a new idea then. People just have to accept that there are despicable people out there, there are people that don't handle situations well and these people exist in great numbers.

Both genders do this, and this sounds like another self pity party. Bring the nachos. Everyone knows multiple stories of this runaway problem. I know several. Few can top a friend who was married for less than one year and his in-laws called him months after the divorce to speak to their daughter. He informed them that she had moved out without a word, and they were divorcing. It was news to even them. This made the expensive destination wedding in Trinidad and Tobago look even more foolish.

This was on the 'news'. God forbid they discuss the massive transfer of wealth going on with our trillions in bank bailouts or the hundreds of billions soon going to Europe to bail out loose, lazy countries from restructuring their debts and changing their ways. Maybe an honest piece on China's fake growth built on the backs of exploited millions, environmental degredation, currency manipulation, and intellectual property theft instead of just "The China Miracle: Central Planning & Dictatorship Works". Nope, we need more fluff pieces like this.

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