Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Obama BP Speech Drinking Game

Drink Once when he...
1. says unprecedented
2. mentions something as historic
3. creates a straw man argument to beat
4. brings up random person from Lousiana/Alabama/Florida that has been affected as a human interest mention
5. says "look"

Drink Twice when he ...
1. sidesteps coziness between the White House and BP
2. claims government has been doing all it can from day 1
3. says we need to invest in solar and wind power to propel our cars (hint: they aren't a transportation fuel)

Drink Threes Times if he...
1. Mentions using natural gas as a transportation fuel

Finish your drink...
1. When he blames Bush

Light up a Joint...
1. If the Teleprompter stops and he just sits there waiting for it to kick back on

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