Tuesday, June 22, 2010

NY Times Stupidity & Brave New World Now

A perfect match of NY Times stuff white liberals like behavior and Brave New World right here.

Money quote: "I think it is kids' preference to pair up and have that one best friend. As adults - teachers and counselors - we try to encourage them not to do that," says Mustapha Mond, sorry Christine Laycob, director of hypnopa-sorry, counseling at some rich kid school.

Actively restraining children from their natural preference. She also mentions that parents say Johnny needs a best friend but we say he doesn't. As if the counselor/teacher knows what is best for your kid rather than you or your kid. This denies children a basic thing that they desire: a best friend. Note the quote to end the article where a school on the upper east side will act to stop a best friendship if it might be destructive to others. Define destructive. Is it abusive, violent and hate filled messing a child's mind or the much much lower standard of PC culture destructive where a slightly offensive thing happens? This is Brave New World. It's not too far removed from telling small children everyone belongs to everyone and to 'partner up' as much as possible. No shit the front edge of the Snowflake generation is has a hard time with the business world where you might get negative feedback and not everyone is an All Star.

A best friend, a secret sharer, a BFF, or a best buddy is a normal thing. The best friend can change with time, but the idea of having someone you can always count on is great for children. It is hard enough making sense of the world on your own as you grow up. Sad part is, this will go on without many parents knowing. The worse part is, the NY Times and the SWPL crowd will read this and approve. Just remember this when you kid can't figure out who will be their best man or maid of honor because they have 12 good friends and none that stand above the rest.

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