Saturday, June 26, 2010

Minimal Al Gore Comments

Is anyone really surprised anymore? C'mon Al, think. What I am wondering:

1. why a Portland Oregon newspaper sat on the story for YEARS. This would make a person's career, nabbing the winner of the 2007 nobel peace prize (for efforts relating to Global Warming, because that 'makes sense').
2. the left's knee jerk attack the accuser to defend St. Al. Her story has some odd time delays to it, but I know a woman sexually assaulted who sadly filed an initial complaint but didn't carry it through to court.
3. does Clarence Thomas have any advice? does Larry Craig? It seems completely odd now that Clarence Thomas was put through the ringer for accusations that were with flimsier evidence and not nearly as horrible as what politicians are being proven to do these days. It is amazing how 20 years can change things.
4. The man 'invented the internet', he didn't think a police record could be stored forever online?????????

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