Friday, June 25, 2010

James Taylor Fire and Rain

Interesting that he and his former wife Carly Simon both have the changing origins issue with a giant hit (Carly's is You're so Vain). Fire and Rain could be a hit in any generation. Seriously, can't you see this sung as part of a traveling vaudeville show in the old West to bring the house down with just some tweaks to technology referenced? Taylor spent time in a mental institution for depression and Carly Simon had such severe social anxiety issues she didn't perform live for years (her SNL appearance was recorded pre-show with no audience), and this combo makes me wonder about their kids. Are they super musicians but messed up that they can't perform?

Everyone has a friend, family member or lover they never got the chance to reconnect with. Music can speak of the joy and agony of the human condition and James Taylor sings it with the strength and vulnerability we all carry.

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