Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Government of the Lawyers, By the Lawyers, For the Lawyers

Our POTUS has received unfair criticism in some regards for the BP oil spill clean up fiasco. Some accidnets are tough to respond to when there are few if any precedents (see: Katrina levee breaches). Some of it is his own making of proclaiming government can fix things and the i'm superman cult of personality, but it was an accident. One problem is that he is receiving so much heat that he now has to 'do something' to show his admin is trying.

They are launching a criminal and civil investigation into the oil spill.

It was an accident, and his admin has said so themselves. This is silly. It is an admin made up of lawyers doing what they know how to do: create lawsuits, arrest people, hang somebody for wrongdoing even if they are not criminal guilty. Lame.

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