Thursday, June 10, 2010


I'm trying to get off the technology crack known as "Google". This is funny being on a Google owned blog. Yup, blogger is a Google property. I have immense respect for Google's algorithm and how it has earned them billions. They have made smart purchases of other properties (blogger being one of many), and they do have cool tools.

They also are pretty powerful and evil. The "Don't be evil" schtick is lame. I find that incredibly lame from a company that destroys competition and practically prints money. I don't do ads with them because I did it and suffered the Google 'black box' we need to boost revenue trick. They said I had done some odd behavior to boost my ads and page views. Yup, all 10 page views a week. What really happened is I bet they were looking at the books, saw they might not hit the right earnings per share number so they culled a bunch of low page view blogs that had ads. This way they sold the ad space for a few months but DQed blog publisher's so they could keep more. Their ad revenue algorithm is a secret, and no one knows what it will generate for them for revenue. This is why I would never buy their stock.

My real disgust with Google is the 'don't be evil schtick' combined with their obvious overlooking of certain dates that a lot of Americans might celebrate or recognize. The most recent example was June 6th, the D-day invasion. Bing and countless websites had little recognition bits for D-day. After all, it liberated Western Europe from the Nazis. Google was silent. Same goes for Sept 11th. Nothing nada. Bing had a background with the spotlights shining for the missing towers at night. Google couldn't be bothered. They have done this with Easter, as well as past Memorial days, other can do American stuff. They must be focused on the next designs for oddball days. After all, they only celebrate Edison's birthday, Sesame St's anniversary, and countless small dates in history. It's just lame.

Bing here I come.

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