Monday, June 21, 2010

Fright Night

Netflix had "Fright Night" for instant download. Let's run down some bullet points on this vampire tale:

- Classic vampire rulles apply: no daylight, mirror reflections, crosses, etc.
- One must have faith to use the cross for fighting vampires.
- 80s screaming guitars for the soundtrack. The entire 80s soundtrack is laughable.
- Thriller make up effects
- Boobs
- The best friend and love interest are both played by gay actors. One would become "Marcy D'Arcy" from Married with Children, the other went on to do gay porn, seriously.
- The best friend is a douchebag. That is putting it politely. He plays annoying over the top.
- Seriously "Marcy D'Arcy" plays the cute, teen love interest (at age 27). She looks a bit like Bijou Phillips.
- A high school couple goes out for a year and still haven't had sex.
- The black biker guy from Friday the 13th part 3 is a bouncer in this. It doesn't go well for him here either.
- They call a has been actor to help them, and he becomes a reluctant Obi-wan character. Roddy McDowell really rocks out this character. I love the exchange where he says he has a starring role to run off to but quickly helps the charade for a $500 savings bond. His character is a running inside joke on horror movie culture. The redemption tale within this movie.
- Chris Sarandon plays the vampire calm, cool, collected, dark and sexy.
- The lead is a character you can rally around. I loved the shot of him whittling away a stake in a room of candles after his first encounter. He's realistic as a teen more fascinated by creepy neighbors than by the semi-naked girl in his room. He's had a decent, steady career.
- I wish more films like this were made today. Lower budget, good puppet effects, decent story, appealing characters, and a nice, drawn out pace.

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